David Martin Funeral Director offers a complete and professional funeral directory service in the Berwickshire Area. A second generation family business, we hold to traditional values of respect and professionalism whilst being to offer modern styles and services. We maintain strong ties with all faiths as well as the Humanist Society of Scotland, enabling us to organise suitable ministry for all beliefs.

At David Martin’s, we pride ourselves on our professional, personal and caring approach to every funeral. We recognise that individual and unique circumstances have different requirements. Whatever the situation, we strive to offer clarity and consistent support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Funeral Arrangements

Funeral planning is required to ensure your loved one is remembered and celebrated in the manner that they would desire. We understand that this is a very stressful time and we will guide you through every step of arranging the funeral with respect and dignity, and provide the service of which your loved one would be proud.

Our Funeral Staff will be on hand to guide and support you through all the arrangement details relating to the Funeral Service of your loved one. We will deal with all the arrangements through our partnerships and relations with local suppliers to deliver the service you desire.

Our team will support and guide you through:

  • Registering a death
  • Burial or cremation application
  • Confirming Funeral Service time
  • Selection of Coffin/Urn for your Loved One
  • Selecting and Confirming Clergy/officiate arrangement for the Service
  • Placement of the Obituary Notice in Local Shops and Local and National Papers
  • Confirming Information with the selected Council
  • Arranging for a Catered Reception, if requested
  • Arranging all special details of the Visitation and/or Ceremony
  • Arranging a time, if you wish to view your Loved One
  • Ordering of floral tributes

Burial and Cremation

One of the biggest and most difficult decisions to make when arranging the funeral of a loved one is to decide between a cremation and a burial. Unless the deceased has left specific instructions regarding a cremation or burial, the choice is left entirely to the next of kin. Our staff can provide support and advice and help you decide the best option for your family.

We have close links with local cemeteries and can provide support and guidance on all aspects of burial funerals including ground purchase and interment fees.

Our funeral staff can take you through all the aspects of a cremation service. There are four crematoria in the Scottish Borders: Borders Crematorium based in Melrose and Houndwood Crematorium.

Coffins and Urns

We know choosing a coffin is a very personal thing and we offer such a diverse range to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for. We can guide you through the selection of choices and costings from the traditional wooden coffins to more unusual wicker or cardboard coffins.

In addition, people sometimes like to place items or mementos in the coffin with their loved one such as letters, photos, or something that reflects a favourite pastime of the deceased like a book, sport shirt, dance shoes and so on. We can advise you on this.

We also have a large selection of wooden caskets and beautiful scatter tubes supplied for ashes.

Personalised Coffins - Coffins by JC Atkinson.

Memorial Stones

We can supply, engrave and erect a vast choice of memorials, each one specifically designed to suit requests.

A headstone is a lasting monument and a tribute to a person’s life, so it is important to choose it carefully. We offer a range of elegant and distinctive memorials, in traditional and contemporary designs, fashioned from the finest granite, limestone and marble.

At David Martin funeral directors we recently started our own memorial masonry service and our staff undertake the engraving of stones in our Eyemouth office. We can arrange for a memorial to be designed to your own personal requirements and complete the work on site. No memorial work is undertaken until the sample material of your preferred design is approved.

We also carry out the following remedial works to existing memorials

• Cleaning and repainting/gilding
• Re-erecting of fallen memorials
• Pinning and re-fixing
• Adding additional inscriptions

Contact Us for more information and a free quote.

Vehicle Hire

Our fleet of funeral cars are all Mercedes Benz and can be on hand for the entirety of your funeral service as you require. Please bear in mind that it may be necessary to provide transport for the minister or service officiant at some point during the funeral.

Here for you when you need us most.

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